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Why Properly?

With our slick search platform and our expert advisors we make finding a new office seamless and enjoyable. We provide transparent advice for an honest fee. Simple. We can help with finding both flexible and leased offices and have access to 95% of the market. We’re also down-to-earth, normal people. 

How do your fees work?

If you’re looking for a flexible office space, you won’t pay a penny to us as advisors. All referral fees are paid by the landlord. 

if you’re looking for a leased office, speak to one of our advisors today for a no obligation, transparent quote.

What kind of office space can you help with?

Properly provides advice and guidance on all flexible office models. We can also provide expert advice on traditional leased office and sub-let properties. Our flexible listings are increasing in numbers by the day but include co-working, fixed desks, private offices, virtual offices and accelerator spaces. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to help. 

How much will Properly be involved?

With every office relocation, our advisors will be with you every step of the way. Whilst we utilise the latest in tech to streamline the relocation process, we love the human element. We’ll see you at the viewing tours and the opening party!

Do you only cover London?

At present Properly are focusing on London however there are other cities in the pipeline and are excited to venture out further than the ‘big smoke’. 

Can you help with a large team relocation?

We work with freelancers and small teams to enterprise teams with hundreds of people. For larger enquiries it’s often easier to speak to an advisor for the best options and the best deal possible.

flexible offices.

How much should I be paying?

Every space and area in London and the UK differs. London is the most expensive location in the UK to have an office.

Our guide to flexible office costs is a good place to start and our advisors can guide you on pricing. It may also be worth looking at our neighbourhood guides too. 

What length of term can I take?

How flexible is flexible, right? This will depend on the provider but typically Space Agreements are based on rolling monthly contracts with 1 month’s notice.

Private offices on average are based on a 12-month Space Agreement with a break clause after the 6th. That said, many providers can offer the flexibility of a 1, 3, or 6-month agreement.

Do I have to put down a deposit?

Typically, yes. Nothing like with a leased office but generally this will be a portion of the contract agreement.

To give you an idea, for a 6-month Space Agreement, you may be asked for 1 month deposit upfront. 

What's included in the monthly fee?

Specific facilities and quirks differ between operator and location. But as a general rule a monthly agreement fee will include: rent, business rates, service charge, security, cleaning, maintenance, utilities, furniture and the kitchen and breakout areas. 

Can I get 24-hour access?

Many operators do offer 24-hour access to their sites but this would need to be explored with each option. 

If that’s super important to you, let us know and we’ll send over some 24/7 access options. 

Can we bring pets into our new office?

Again, this differs between operators and locations. A lot of the time this is governed by ‘superior’ landlord or owner who sets the ground rules for the flexible office operator. 

If bringing Rolo to the office is important, let us know and we’ll send you over some options that are pet-friendly.

Can I use my own phones?

The majority of operators will have dedicated phone lines pre-installed and these are chargeable. In many occasions there is also the opportunity to rent the physical hardware if needs be. 

That said, there may be the flexibility to bring your own handset. Mobiles of course are widely used and many locations have boosters and flood the spaces with WiFi. 

Can I bring my own furniture?

The majority of flexible office spaces come with pre-installed furniture (this may not always be new). Most operators will remove the furniture if you would prefer. 

Many clients decide to move their sofa in for the informal meetings or Friday drinks.

Can I customise my office with a bespoke fit-out?

If you have a private office, most operators will allow you to customise the space as you require. 

If you have truly bespoke requirements, chat to one of our advisors and we can help fine tune your space. 

How good is the internet?

These days wired connections are a thing of the past in flexible office space and providers understand the importance of a resilient internet connection. 

Most of the time there will be a main fibre into the building with at least another back-up line.  

Can I brand the office?

Branding is normally not a problem as long as it’s within the confines of your private rented office. 

Roll in the neon signs and retro artwork. 

Just remember, anything you do will need to be undone at the end of the Space Agreement. With a lease, this is called Dilapidations and is a specialist area of expertise that we can help with.

I'm not sure about a serviced office. What are my options?

If you want to maintain the flexibility, but lose the co-working style environment, many operators now offer a enterprise or ‘HQ’ offering, which essentially is a bespoke fit-out with your own front door.

If the flexibility is of less importance we can help with finding a leased office that meets your requirements. 

leased offices.

How much should I be paying?

This is far more complex than with a flexible office. This will differ between different areas and grades of space.

Remember it’s also not just the rent you need to consider but also the business rates and the service charge.  Our guide to the true costs of a leased office may help but the best thing you can do is speak to an advisor.

What is the average term length?

Typically the average term (to achieve the best incentive package and rent free) is a 10-year lease with a 5th year break option.

Traditional landlord’s are however getting wise to the flexible office ways and offering shorter terms.

Are rental deposits required?

This depends on your business’s standing, credit rating and accounts. These will need to be reviewed by the landlord. We call this your Covenant

When a Properly advisor builds a cash flow for your business we’ll always assume a rental deposit will be required, until it’s not.

Will I need a lawyer?

99% of the time, we would advise yes. 

Leases are far more complex than license agreements and to protect yourself you should seek legal advice. 

Our guide here to the differences between a lease and a license may help you on your way, but don’t worry we will help with all of this.

How much space will I require?

This is one of the most common questions we’re asked when  clients are looking for a Leased Office

Typically, our general guidance is between 60 – 120 square foot per person. This is a big range though. 

Speak with an advisor here and we’ll give you a far more accurate guide based on what you need or check out our guide called how much space do i need?

How long does it take to relocate?

Again, leased office transactions are far lengthier than flexible offices. 

You should also consider the fit-out period. This will take a while to get the space ready for you to move in (another benefit of flexible space). 

We generally say our clients should be looking around 12 months ahead of the requirement. Our guide on how long it takes to move offices is a great starting point. 

What other costs do I need to consider?

There will be a myriad of costs you need to consider. From the physical office space costs, fees and fit-out costs. 

For an accurate estimate speak to one of our advisors and we will build you a project budget.

Can I get out of a lease?

Yes, but this may be costly. 

Leases are not very flexible and give landlords and tenants an opportunity to break the contract in a very strict way. 

If you have a lease that you want to get out of, contact us today and we’ll review the terms and put a plan in place for you.

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